Ad Astra Aero Consulting


Ad Astra has a 30-year track record in Engineering Team leadership, with particular expertise in:

Aircraft Structures

  • Composite structure integration
  • Wing design integration
  • First Flight and Certification documentation
  • Aero-elastic and flutter test programmes

Avionic systems

  • Cockpit layouts
  • Human Factors assessments
  • Data display formats development and integration
  • Information systems display integration
  • Nav and Comms systems
  • Autopilot Integration and testing
  • Flight Management System Integration and testing
  • Flight Data Recorder integration and testing
  • Data transmission systems integration and testing

Engine Systems

  • Powerplant (turbine and piston) integration and testing
  • Propellor integration and testing
  • Engine gearboxes and transmission systems development and integration
  • Engine oil seals and related technologies
  • Engine and airframe fuel systems
  • APU Installation and integration

Mechanical Systems Integration and Testing

  • Hydraulic systems (power generation and transmission)
  • Flight Controls
  • Landing gear and Brakes
  • Nose wheel steering

Aircraft Handling and Performance

  • Stability and control
  • Handling qualities assessments
  • Operational performance assessment
  • Operational assessment and route proving

Flight Test

  • Strategic programming planning and resourcing
  • Detail programme planning
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Operation as aircrew (including time as P2)
  • Telemetry manager and aircraft communications link
  • Management of flight briefing and de-brief activities

Additional Areas of Expertise

  • Aircraft Instrumentation specification and integration
  • Specification and design of experimental installations for flight test purposes
  • Aircraft and engine test monitoring
  • Simulator data package certification
  • Cabin interiors certification

Other Personal Qualifications

  • M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Systems
  • B.Sc (Hons) Aeronautical Engineering
  • US Commercial Pilots Licence (Instrument Rated, Multi-Engined),
  • UK PPL (with Night Rating)
  • 500 Hrs Pilot, 1000 hrs FTE experience
  • Familiarity with SAP and PDM systems, Oracle, experience with DOORS, DOMINO
  • Fluency in English and German


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